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At TECHCAR Slovakia s.r.o. we place a high priority on maximising our clients’ satisfaction. Our team is made up entirely of professionally trained experts. Regular training ensures that our staff are familiar with the latest information and provide high quality services for our customers throughout the Slovak Republic.

Call Center

  • Our Call Centre enables us to receive and process claims or clients’ orders for the performance of inspections and to provide flexible processing of data and documents in line with standards of the insurer or insurance company concerned.

Claim inspections and initial inspections

  • Our network of technicians enables us to cover the whole territory of the Slovak Republic.
  • We offer our clients maximum flexibility as regards the agreed place and time of inspection.
  • The several years of experience of our technicians backed by competent administrative assistance in completing the necessary documents helps to reduce the time necessary for inspection and the processing of claims.
  • We carry out inspections of damaged real estate and moveable assets for the full portfolio of property and liability insurance (accident and third-party liability coverage for motor vehicles, liability of natural persons and legal entities, buildings, household property etc.).
  • We carry out initial insurance inspections including the preparation of reports according to our clients’ requirements.

Processing of insurance claims

  • We provide calculations of insurance benefit using all available and standardly used calculation programs (Audapad, Autotax, Cenkros etc.) in accordance with the law and general terms and conditions of insurance.
  • The client can modify and optimise the prepared methodology for processing claims to align it with their own internal rules, which helps to make a large reduction in the period necessary for handling claims.
  • The electronic production of all documents necessary for the processing of insurance claims, the automatic sending of letters to clients, notification of completed files, detailed and transparent access to information are just a few of the functions of our software application that support the fast and professional processing of claims.
  • We cooperate with experts to ensure the qualified and professional preparation of expert appraisals and professional opinions.
  • Our claim processors’ regular training, many years of experience and active communication with the client are the basis of an efficient, high-quality procedure for processing insurance claims.

Checks of documents and physical condition for motor vehicles

  • We have increased the range of services we offer to include checks of the documentation and physical condition of motor vehicles.
  • We provide a range of services in this area to verify the origin and authenticity of vehicles. These services are aimed at detecting defective vehicles before they are bought and are an effective tool for the safe purchase of a used vehicle. They also prevent the legalisation and sale of stolen or otherwise defective vehicles in both the Slovak and the wider European market.
  • The level of checking of the vehicle is determined by the client directly. We carry out basic checks of documents and physical inspection of the vehicle. Active cooperation with our partner company CEBIA, spol s.r.o. enables us to provide clients with very specific and detailed checks of vehicles making use of comprehensive vehicle databases.

Creating electronic documents

  • One of the main prerequisites for the fast processing of documents besides effective software is conversion to an electronic format and archiving.